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The Great Investo and Penny

2020 Teach Children to Save Day


Schools may be closed, but Teach Children to Save Day goes on!
Enjoy a magical video lesson with The Great Investo as he reads the new book
"The Great Investo and the Astounding, Abounding, Compounding Machine."

And you can keep score with Investo's Great Savings Race in the video with this worksheet

Then download and print the eight page Saving Magic activity book filled with puzzles and fun!

And you can download a free Kindle version of the book on Amazon,
April 27th through May 1st!

Money skills are magical especially when taught by The Great Investo, the money magician.  Actually, Investo is the world's worst money magician, but fortunately his assistant Penny knows all the right answers.

You can have Money Magical fun with The Great Investo and Penny through the following programs...





The Great Investo Savers Club

Kids between the ages of 8 and 11 can join The Great Investo Savers Club.  The Club has lots of fun and informative ways to set goals and start saving!  Click on the picture at right for more information on the The Great Investo Savers Club.





The Great Investo Book Series

You can enjoy Investo and Penny's adventures in the series of illustrated children's books available from Amazon and other retailers.  Their latest adventure is The Great Investo and the Winning Ticket.   The books are written and illustrated by Greg Koseluk and were made possible by a grant from Capital One. Click on the book cover at left to see all the Great Investo books available from and other retailers.








Money Magic

The six-part Money Magic series introduces elementary school students to age-appropriate personal financial concepts in order to instill sound money skills and build future financial independence.  Each lesson includes a eight-to-ten minute video, teacher lesson plan, and student activities sheet.
Click on the picture at right to visit the Money Magic page.