Delaware Financial Education Alliance


Welcome to the Great Investo Savers Club!  It's the club for kids between the ages of 8 and 11 who want to learn about money and how to save it!  Money skills are magical especially when taught by The Great Investo, the money magician.  Actually, Investo is the world's worst money magician, but fortunately his assistant Penny knows all the right answers.

Members of the Great Investo Savers Club receive a membership kit including...

  • A Club Membership Card
  • A 6-month Saving Diary to help you track your savings from day to week to month!
  • A Set of Stickers to help you make your own Savings Bank
  • A Big Wall Poster to help you set your savings goals and track your progress!

Email Penny to learn how you can get your membership kit, join The Great Investo Savers Club, and start saving!


Club Videos

Club members!  Watch The Great Investo and Penny with their latest magical video with Investo's money magic (always goes wrong!) and Penny's Saving Tips (always smart advice!).


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